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Joseph Sanchez  Jr.Found his love for music from Dr. Ramona Day- a Julliard graduate who taught him music at an early age. He continued his private education into adult hood. He began his musical career early in life,and toured all over the United States and Canada with the group “Sneak Preview,” he has continued to pursue his music and education in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

He was produced and managed by Joseph B. Zito, a composer/producer for Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, and briefly the Jackson 5. Soon thereafter, he toured after a successful audition for the William Morris agency. His musical influences span from Jimmy Smith, Chester Thompson, Chick Chorea, and McCoy Tyner, to modern smooth Jazz/R & B Avant-Garde and many styles of Electronic music. His career encompasses the roles of composer, artist/performer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist . As a pioneer of different musical hybrids, he has shuffled pop, soul, hip-hop, jazz, classical, Blues and created unique fusions of music for himself and many different artists. He has worked as an opening act for James Brown, Randy Castillo (Ozzy Osborne drummer) Pete Escovedo. He has also worked, as musical director, has produced artists such a, Soul Rebull, Brian Beesly, JayMac and Riyah Burton. In early 2010 Joe Sanchez Jr. along with his sons Founded Hammsterden Records, a Project Production Studio for all of Las Vegas musicians and entertainers to create and compose. He continues his musical endeavors with his musicianship, original material and production. In closing, I asked what his future plans would be- he then looks at me, smiles and states, " Music is Infinity."



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Joseph Sanchez Jr.